Backing Vocal Processing [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

On to tip number 15 today and I want to not only save you some time but show you a simple way of giving your backing vocals a cohesive feeling. It’s all about Backing Vocal Processing as a whole.

Backing Vocal Processing

Backing Vocal Processing As A Whole

Every song is different, you could have no backing vocals, 1 or 2 tracks of BVs or 100+ tracks of BVs! Now, you could simply process each track individually but this is not only time consuming and CPU heavy, it can remove the cohesive nature of the BVs that you want.

You should group your vocals together and process them as a whole where it makes sense. Backing Vocal Processing as a whole will give save you a ton of time and blend those vocals together in a musical way. If you have a set of BVs who all sing at the same time, group those together and process them. It might make sense for you to group and process together BVs which are the same pitch or type of part.

Into Studio One to check it out.

Try It In Your Next Mix

If you aren’t grouping and processing your BVs at the moment, give it a go and see how much time you can save.

Have a great time mixing, cheers!

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