Chorus Impact By Mixing The Biggest Section First [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

Tip 18 of 30 in my “30 Tips To Improve Your Mix” series. This tip is one way to ensure you get Chorus Impact and that your bridges hit hard. A tip which doesn’t require any plugins or new technique.

Chorus Impact

How To Get Chorus Impact?

When I was learning how to mix, there was nothing I found more frustrating than hearing back my mix and the Chorus just remained flat. It didn’t lift. It just felt like an extension of the verse. There was no chorus impact at all.

Now sometimes this is what you want but more often than not the Chorus should be a peak in the song. It should lift and give the listener more energy.

Check out the video to learn more.

Try This In Your Next Mix

This tip is great practice regardless of your experience with mixing. But as you can imagine as time goes on you will become more accustomed as to how things should sound and feel and it won’t be crucial for you to necessarily do it this way. But it is the way you will gain the energy you want in different parts of your song with ease.

Go give it a go in your next mix and let us know how it works out for you. What other ways do you achieve chorus impact?

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Have a great time mixing, cheers!


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