How To Gain Stage Like A Pro [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

In today’s video I want to debunk some myths about gain staging. I want to show you how to gain stage like a pro.

There are so many bits of information to know about gain staging. It makes it difficult to know what is still relevant in today’s digital world. The good news is that it is far simpler than you think!

This is tip number 21 in my “30 Tips To Improve Your Mix” series. As usual we are in Studio One but this applies to any DAW you are working in: Pro Tools, Logic, Cubase

gain staging

What Is And How Do I Gain Stage?

Let’s keep this as simple as possible. Gain Staging is this:

Feed the right amount of level from one stage in your signal path to the next.

The signal should be loud enough so that you are well above the noise floor but low enough to ensure there is no clipping. This method applies from the instrument you are recording all the way through to your preamps, convertors, plugins and beyond.

Check out my video below for a more in-depth look at how to gain stage like a pro.

Start To Gain Stage In Your Next Mix

There is tons to know yet these days, you only need to apply a touch of it to keep gain staging from being a problem in your mixes.

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