Free Tutorial – Create A Tempo Map From A Live Performance

Tempo Map

To click or not to click! I wont get into the debate today on whether to record using a click track or not. There are many merits for both. What I do want to talk about is what you can do to add a Tempo Map or Click Track to a recording which wasn’t recorded to a click.

There are going to be occasions where you have recorded something such as a guitar and vocal without a click track. After hearing it back you love the feel but would like to add drums and bass. If you have ever tried to record drums to a free time song, it can be extremely difficult and time consuming!

A better option may be to add a Tempo Map to the live performance so that the drummer has a click track to play to.

How To Create a Tempo Map

Other DAWs should be able to do something similar but I will show you in Studio One.

To start you need to choose an instrument and go through from the beginning of the song slicing up the audio where the start of each bar is. You will then add Tempo Markers and move those around to match the sliced up audio. It’s then a mater of moving those around and dragging out your audio again.

It will all become clear in the free tutorial below.

How Do Other DAWs Handle This?

Give this a try when you next have some free time to practice. I find this very useful and use it regularly.

How do other DAWs handle this? Can they do it? Is it as fast? Drop a note in the comments to share your experience.



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