Mixing In Mono [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

Over half way through this series now and onto tip 16. We’re looking at a Mixing In Mono. If you aren’t doing this already, this is a must watch. If you are doing this, check out how I go about this. Hopefully, there will be a different approach you can try out.

Mixing In Mono

What Is Mixing In Mono?

Mixing In Mono didn’t make sense to me when I was starting out and it took some explaining and trial for me to understand why it makes such a big difference. I mean who listens to music in mono these days!

So we aren’t talk about mono so that people will listen to your track back in mono. We’re talking about mixing in mono to make sure everything in your mix works together.

Check out this tutorial where I explain why you want to mix in mono and when you want to do this during your mix.

Try This In Your Next Mix

So find a way to check your mix in mono and don’t switch to stereo until you have it sounding ace in mono! You won’t believe the results you get, fast!

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Have a great time mixing, cheers!


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