Instantly Better Mixes Using A Reference Mix [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

A reference mix should be a key part to your workflow. In tip number 22 in my “30 Tips To Improve Your Mix” series, I will show you the simple way that I do this and why you should always reference your mix. This is a sure fire way for you to get better mixes!

We will cover off in this tutorial:

  1. Why you should use a reference mix
  2. How to set this up in your DAW
  3. What you should be listening out for when comparing

reference mix

What Is A Reference Mix?

A reference mix is simply a commercially released song that you compare your mix to. That’s really it.

Using a reference mix is so important. You don’t have to like every mix you ever hear on the radio, nor should you. But you have to respect that those mixes have made the grade even if the style isn’t to your taste. You need to find a song which sounds fantastic to YOU anywhere you hear it whilst ensuring it is in the same genre of your song.

Try This In Your Next Mix

So whatever mix you are working on today, go grab your favourite song in a similar genre and get referencing immediately! You will be amazed how quickly your mixes become more balanced.

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Have a great time mixing, cheers!


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