How To Add Slap Delay With Your Reverb [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

Into tip 19 today and I want to show you how I use Slap Delay in conjunction with my reverb on vocals.

By the end of this video, we will have looked at how to set up a lap delay using 3 different delay plugins. We will also cover how to blend this with the reverb on your vocal. We do this in Studio One but this applies to absolutely any DAW.

Slap Delay

Why Use Slap Delay With Reverb?

Slap Delay is a short delay with very little feedback. If you were to hear it on it’s own it will sound like you are in a medium space with a wall near you reflecting the sound pretty much straight away. Go an listen to anything from ’50s or by John Lennon! You are going to hear slap delay on all of it.

Often slap delay is very short, anywhere from 50ms to 140ms. I like it a touch longer. I found out from Chris Lord Alge (CLA) that John Lennon’s slap delay was set a little higher and i love that sound. So I go with that.

Check out the video below!

Try This In Your Next Mix

As with everything  there is nothing better than giving it a go yourself. Make sure you play with the delay times and see what you like. By all means use my settings as a starting point. Let us know what your delay times are for your slap back delay. Why do you prefer those times?

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Until next time, have a great time mixing!



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