Slate VCC & VTM [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

I have a simple tip today which will transform your mixes and give you vibe before you even start to mix. This is part 14 of 30 and I want to show you the incredible sonic difference that Slate’s Console Collection and Tape Machine can make to your mixes.

slate vcc

Slate VCC For Vibe

First of all, this is not an advertisement for Slate’s plugins. You can use any console emulation or tape machine emulations. I simply love what Steven Slate is doing and use his plugins daily. In particular Slate VCC and VTM.

Slate’s Console Collection is simply a plugin which gives you the sound of some famous analog consoles directly in your DAW.

His Tape Machine is the same thing but gives you the sound of your tracks going onto tape.

The methodology here is that you put the tape machine and console on every single track in your mix. You can then bounce those tracks down so that you can remove these plugins and save yourself CPU resources.

Trust me, this is worth a few minutes of your time at the start of your mix to impart analog vibe to give you a fantastic starting point.

Try This In Your Next Mix

In your next mix, give this a go. Bus your multi mic’d kicks and snares and process them together to see how you can improve your sound. Drop us a comment below and share your experiences.

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Have a great time mixing, cheers!


If you don’t already own a console or tape emulation plugin then head over to Slate’s site and download a demo and give this a go. Waves have their own too along with other plugin manufacturers. Any of them will work great!

Have a great time mixing, cheers!

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