Free Tutorial – Automatically Record To New Layers In Studio One

studio one layers

You will often hear me talk about speed in the studio. Primarily relating to the tools we use to make music rather than being quick for the sake of it. We live in an age where technology is immense and we have endless possibilities. The downside to this is that while recording, if you take more than a few seconds to do something it can harm the creative flow. As engineers we need to ensure the recording process is seamless to the artist. I will show you the simplest of tips today with Studio One Layers to increase speed while recording.

Studio One Layers, What Are They?

Studio One Layers are what ProTools calls Playlists and Cubase calls Lanes. It’s a way to record different takes of a performance on the same track, in the same place. For example, when recording Verse 1 of a vocal, you will likely want a second take to get the best performance. Layers let’s you do this without the need for another audio track. Think of layers as virtual tracks or ‘sub tracks’ within one audio track.

How To Automatically Create Layers

In other DAWs you usually need to manually add a new layer to record a new take. In this free video tutorial, I will show you how to record multiple takes to new layers in Studio One without needing to do this. It’s crazy simple and perfect for vocal recording!

What Speed Tips Do You Have?

This is just one very simple tip for speed in Studio One. What other tips do you have? Do other DAWs also automatically create new layers? Take a few moments to share your thoughts below in the comments section.

I really appreciate you taking the time to watch this video today and I hope you found it useful.

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