Free Tutorial – 3 Studio One Shortcuts

Studio One Shortcuts

Speed while recording or mixing is important to maintain creativity. Finding ways to be quick in your DAW will help maintain that workflow. One way to do this is by using keyboard shortcuts. I am a Studio One user so would like to show you 3 Studio One Shortcuts in a short video tutorial. These are very useful, easy to remember and ones I had definitely long forgotten about!

3 Studio One Shortcuts

In this tutorial I will show you how to:

  1. Move your fader by 1.0 dB and 0.1 dB increments.
  2. Duplicate audio or instrument tracks with and without events.
  3. Select the first or last event on a track and how to select all events on a track.

All of this with just a couple of quick keyboard shortcuts.

What Other Studio One Shortcuts Do You Use?

There are so many ways to speed up your DAW workflow. What Studio One Shortcuts do you find useful? What other ways do you maintain creativity in the studio? Let us know below!

Check out how I create Macros in Studio One for an even faster workflow!

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