Vocal Parallel Compression [30 Tips To Improve Your Mix] – Free Tutorial

Vocal Parallel Compression is tip number 17. Today you are going to see a simple trick which will give you that in your face vocal sound while keeping that feel of dynamics.

Vocal Parallel Compression

Vocal Parallel Compression

Now the principal in this tip is similar to Parallel Drum Compression we looked at in tip number 7. This is a sure fire way of giving your lead vocal punch in one simple move without hearing that horrible over compressed sound we’re getting so used to hearing these days.

Watch the tutorial below to see how I go about using parallel compression on vocals to give punch but tastefully without sucking the life out of anything.

Try This In Your Next Mix

There are few instances where this wont work. Just remember that this is there to enhance your vocal so just make sure it’s used tastefully and doesn’t turn into the loudest sound of your vocal. Keep a nice blend and use this method to underpin your vocal to give it a nice, even and consistent feel throughout the song.

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Have a great time mixing, cheers!


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